Politically Incorrect in the New America

Politically Incorrect in the New America

In case no one has noticed, we are living in the “New America”. I went to bed one night and felt really good about being an American citizen. However, now I’m getting ready to get in trouble the way Michelle Obama did for a similar statement. I felt really good about being an American citizen until I realized that there is something wrong with being an American citizen.
What is wrong? American laws are no longer in the best interest of American citizens. The new Constitutional interpretations seem to favor the undocumented immigrant…I’m using the PC term because I don’t want to get slammed by using illegal immigrant.
The countries of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvadore, and Guatemala have really pulled a big one on us.
Who has ever thought that the U.S. had a law on the books that prevents us from rejecting people who illegally enter our country? And, that we have sanctuary cities that protect and harbor illegal immigrants? Is that illegal?
Then, we get all emotional because these people have endangered the lives of their children and somehow are making the American people responsible. Who sends their children to a foreign country in the hands of criminals and now cry foul that many of us want to send these children and their parents, aunts, uncles, and friends back to their countries of origin? I can hardly make any sense out of the behavior of these people. Child endangerment is a crime in the United States and far as I know, America did not steal these children. We did not steal 11+ million undocumented immigrants and we are not holding them for ransom.

Okay, these undocumented people are claiming rights in a country that is not theirs by citing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. One problem among many is that native born Black people were protesting for rights that were theirs guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. I don’t want to hear this rally cry, “We are a country of immigrants.” Well, in 2014, we are legal American citizens and those who have violated our immigration laws are undocumented and therefore, illegal-meaning they have broken an American law.

Next, since when is a sovereign nation required to change any of its laws based upon people who have illegally entered that nation? If I want to change anything in America, I stay here in America to legally fight that fight, not go to France or Mexico to protest they give me “rights”. Why does this sound crazy to me? Was there a mass illegal migration of American Blacks to any other country during the time when they were lynched, beaten, and experienced many other indignities too numerous to mention? I missed that part of the Civil Rights struggle. To my knowledge, the answer is no…with the help of some justice-minded American White people, American Blacks stayed home, here in America and fought the good fight.

Dream Acts and any other act that does not uplift the plight of so many disadvantaged American citizens mainly veterans, elderly, and children is not acceptable. We are told that they are escaping gangs, violence, poverty, etc. well, guess what? We have families trapped in places like Chicago and Detroit who are dreaming of leaving these cities so that their children can escape gangs, violence, and poverty…American citizens. Doesn’t charity begin at home? What is Washington thinking when there is so much poverty and crime in America and their focus is on illegal immigrants and their plight?

So, I am not in favor of the New America. I am not in favor of accepting other countries’ responsibilities such as thousands of their children having been deposited on our doorsteps. I am not in favor of accepting the demands of illegal immigrants to take care of them because they chose to leave their home countries. O’Reilly stated a figure that 50% of immigrant families in America are receiving government assistance. I won’t go into the hell I experienced trying to get assistance for my parent after his medicine overwhelmed his paycheck . He had only worked for over 75 years and paying taxes and served in the military.
I am in favor of humane treatment for those illegally crossing America’s border: a hot shower, a meal, change of clothes, immediate medical attention, temporary shelter for no longer than two weeks, and a trip back home to your country of origin. Fight your fight for freedom and rights in your country of origin. I guess this makes me politically incorrect in the New America. May God continue to Bless America…she is in trouble. And, American citizens are afraid to speak up even as they watch their own standard of living disappear. Ah, the New America.
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