Is Ebola a Crisis or Not?

Is Ebola a Crisis or Not?

Ebola seems to be on almost all informed people’s minds these days. Well, along with ISIS, illegal immigration, self-appointed jihadists and angry people carrying and using guns and axes.

Yes, we are in a real quagmire in which the more we learn, the more we disbelieve the information; the more we disbelieve the information, the more mired we become in the quicksand of it all.

Here’s what I don’t understand: If it is nearly impossible to catch Ebola, then why is it that people are being quarantined, public transportation vehicles being decontaminated, and some are told to wear full hazmat gear and others such as those two NY policemen, were wearing nose/mouth masks with yellow rubber gloves-both parties entering a confirmed Ebola case victim’s apartment? Both men discarded their “protective gear” in a public wastebasket. Then the fully hazmate clothed twosome arrived and went into the apartment.

I have no credentials in the health field except perhaps should we count my columns about health related issues for two publications? But, then the new “Ebola Czar” has no health credentials either. However, if a disease is classified at Level 4-highly contagious and dangerous; then, why is it that health care workers such as the “nurse/bride-to-be” and the doctor in New York were unaware of the disease’s classification which calls for the most high level of caution and both went on “public traveling sprees”?

Not to mention the “health care worker” who went to Ireland and the other one who went on a cruise-Belize and Mexico refused to allow the boat to dock. I guess since Mexico so graciously allowed 40,000+ undocumented Central Americans to cross their border and escorted them to flood our borders bringing us gifts such as an enterovirus( the strand found in Central America) that has sickened many American children and health compromised people. Mexico didn’t want a return gift of Ebola. Very ungracious of them to refuse our cruise ship from docking.

What a ridiculous and messy world we live in. Up is down and down is up-smacks of 1984 to me. But, I wonder how many school-aged young adults have ever picked up that book? It should be required reading even in Churches. Oh, that’s right, our churches are too busy arguing gay marriage and abortion. Not that those subjects are not important, but at this moment in history…they can take a back seat to Ebola and terrorism.
Anyway, guess I’m getting too cynical or something unsavory but let’s pray (yes, pray) that the cooler weather does not do what I have heard about Ebola…it will become airborne as the weather cools. Not a pleasant thought at all.
Oh, all of the negatives about Ebola being airborne doesn’t explain the difference between airborne and droplet borne-you know, sneezing and coughing stuff-liquids from your nose and mouth. Well, it is droplet borne and contagious.
I’m so glad that I believe in Yahweh and His Promises. Yeshua is coming soon-but not until the major collapse of this system. Do you hear the Four Horsemen in the near distance?
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