Food for Thought or Ever Think of What’s Happening Now?

Some of you have been reading my “rants” on Facebook. Yet, there are few opinions being posted. I wonder why? Is it because you don’t have an opinion or fear has silenced your tongues?
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am 100% for legal immigration. However, I do believe in home growing your talent as often as possible. We do need the best and the brightest from the world to continue to enrich our national growth.
But, what is troubling to me is that we are not getting the “best and the brightest”. We are fast becoming a dumping ground for many who are being led into a terrible situation here in America.
With the cities and towns of our country being unable to pay their bills and the city councils are struggling to identify more tax dollar opportunities on the backs of already financially strapped citizens, how can we absorb more needy people?
I don’t care if they will “do the jobs that Americans won’t do”. Ever stop to think that if employers are not hiring Americans, it is a bit difficult to determine what a person will or will not do for a decent living wage.
I do have a few more questions:
1. How are so many women and children making a 1000 mile trip through Mexico to be deposited at the U.S. border? Here’s a hint, Walking is the wrong answer.
2. What is the meaning of the word-Invasion?
3. Are we still in a war situation with Al Queda and now ISIS?
4. If 47,000 people have flooded the border in a month, is it possible that the “enemy” is among them?
5. How can we tell who is our friend or foe if people are just walking in and being allowed unhindered access to anywhere in America?

These are just a few points to consider. My burning question is : Why is our Federal Government unable to fulfill its duty (spelled out in the U.S. Constitution) to secure the border?


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