Affordable Health Care Act: Friend or Foe?

Okay, by now, most of us have heard of the affordable health care act or have enrolled. Opinions are flying faster than the Hubble. Some truth and some lies…all with motives and motivations attached.
I wish that the Republicans would have spared us the shut down, the “seemingly” racist rants, and other vile distractions such as Ted Cruz. Come on people, is it really necessary to call the President names and degrade the office of President?
It seems to me that just waiting to see this play out may have served them better than the above activities. Just think, the ill prepared rollout would have been enough for them to disparage the health plan.
Anyway, the most important part of this entire event is: Will this affordable health care act help or hurt?
At first blush, yes, we need to have people paying for their health care. However, this is not possible for many and we who can, end up paying for them anyway. I guess this is why I have questions as to why should the insurance companies profit so outlandishly and outrageously from a federal mandate?
Does anyone really believe that it is a good thing that we are being forced to pay money to a private entity that has regularily discriminated against people with “pre-existing” conditiions and refuse to cover some conditions?
So, now, they must cover “pre-existing” conditions and still, there is something that does not sit well with me knowing that people will be fined for not paying their premium to these insurance giants. Will my doctor fall victim to a high school graduate at an insurance company informing him that I will not be covered for a specific procedure?
What happens if I don’t pay the fine afer I couldn’t afford my affordable care plan?
Will I continue to pay for undocumented people who intentionally do place a burden on the healthcare system?
These are just a few things that cause concern. Of course, time will tell with many of the questions we all may have.
Let’s hear what others have to say.


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